Best Longboard Bearings 2020

Are you a longboarder looking for the best longboard bearing to use on your longboard? Maybe you have used various bearings but you don’t seem to get your hands on the ones that make you smile yet. Well, this is good news for you. LOOK NO FURTHER! Because in this article, I’ll share with you a list of best Longboard Bearings.

First and foremost, what is a bearing? A bearing is a mechanical device used with longboards or skateboards that helps with some types of motion depending on its purpose. It usually can bring about motion, determines the direction of motion, and it can also minimize the rate of friction. As you might think, bearings used for longboarding is of the rolling type. They are ball bearings to be specific.

A longboarder might find choosing the right longboard bearings a hard task. This is because the bearings look so similar and it takes a professional to really tell them apart. One of the factors that determine the quality of a bearing is the material used in making it which is mostly steel and can differ in quality. They are sometimes made of ceramic. Bearings might be similar on the outside. Meanwhile, their characteristic can differ greatly.

The best bearings for your longboard have been curated and listed below to save you all the hassles associated with finding the right bearings. Sit down, relax and read on!


1). Bones Bearings REDS Bearings

Bones Bearings REDS Bearings are the best longboard bearings as considered by so many people for cruising in the industry. This is a major bearing for longboard which is believed to win the attention of potential users. Among the most characteristics of these bearings which are manufactured by Bones is its races and ground balls which are created with stainless steel.

Another thing you will notice is the high-speed retainer constructed out of nylon which is removable in the Bones Red bearings. One of the main reasons why many people see this one as the best longboard bearings today is that it combines a superb design with quality materials. This combination is the brain behind the product’s capability of promoting a smoother and faster ride. They are also long-lasting.

It has a shield that is non-contact, it is non-fiction and it is guaranteed to keep you safe as long as you make it one of your longboard part. The big advantage is the fact that the bearings works as the rated bearing is a big advantage because it is made in a way that it is able to handle hard landings. The nylon ball retainer is high speed as it boosts the speed and strength of the Bones REDS Bearings.

  • It is the most quality of bearings and it’s not so expensive.
  • Comes with balls made with super- finished stainless steel.
  • Features a design which is state- rated, this promotes fast and smooth ride
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • It is the best bearings for strenght and speed.
  • The packaging used is subpar

2). Yellow Jacket Skateboard Bearings

Another great bearing for longboard used in cruising or any other purpose is this bearing from Yellow Jacket. One of the things that makes these bearings so different is the fact that they are really fast.
These longboard bearings also feature a seal which provides a weatherproofing advantage to them. So, it can effectively fight any harsh weather exposed to it. It is also featured in ABEC-9 rating in relation to the manufacturing tolerances. Their high-speed is also something that makes them one of the great bearings out there.

This means that Yellow Jacket bearings work well not only in longboards but also in skateboards and rollerblades among many others. The bearings are made in a way that they can give longboarders a more smoother ride. They are also pre-lubricated and this alone can impress more users.

With the pre-lubricated bearings, you can expect a steady speed while you ensure that there is friction given off is minimal. You will also be impressed with the engraved color seals that can also prevent dust, rocks, and dirt from penetrating.

  • Helps the wheels spin longer and faster.
  • It minimizes the risk of friction
  • It also comes with a weatherproofing seal.
  • High-precision, flexible and high-speed.
  • Offers a precise and smoother riding experience
  • It’s a bit noisy

3). Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings

If your aim is to buy bearings that provide a fast and smooth ride, don’t look further because these high-end longboard bearings from Heady Shake is the best option for you. The bearings come lubricated already, thereby making sure that they run quickly and smoothly. It has a precision bearings design which is incomparable and does not only promote a quiet rotation and high-spinning speed but is also durable and long-lasting.

Another thing that leaves a good impression among users is the fact that the bearings are versatile. This flexibility and versatility ability makes it easy for the bearings to handle various skates. The bearings also have a sleek and friendly design. Their spacers are highly dependable, sturdy and waterproof sticker.

The quietness of the bearing’s rotation is also one of the strongest points this longboard bearing has. Apart from that, they have a high-spinning speed. They are sleek and stylish, so it is not surprising to grab the attention of many people who are interested in longboarding every time you use them. It is also not very expensive. You tend to get quality bearings for a reasonable price the company also promises a 100% money back guarantee in case anything happens.

  • It is ultra-fast
  • Comes pre-lubricated with the help of a unique and especially lubricant
  • Durable and long-lasting considering with an incomparable precision design
  • Versatile and flexible and they are compatible with almost all applications
  • The design is sleek, stylish and board friendly.
  • Not easy to break in

4). Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearings

The next product is the Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearing. This product is packaged in a set of 8 pieces. It has ceramic wheels bearings and it comes with a sticker and bearing spacers. Another benefit of these ceramics bearings is that it includes clear instructions of how you can put them together.

Another thing that can impress you about the bearings is that the balls are of Cerbec ceramics construction. The bearings are not only strong but are also hard and light. With these qualities, longboarders are assured that the bearings are capable of delivering a long-lasting performance. When you choose Bones Swiss Bearings, you lay your hands on bearings that will for several years serve their intended purpose.

Another feature that these bearings take pride in is their superb design. This type of unique design promises to meet the requirements most longboarders want in a bearing. It has a skate-friendly design so you are rest assured that it will not inconvenient for you. It is even guaranteed to make you enjoy your hobby more than before. You will also like the combination of the nylon ball retainers and the cream lubricant used in these bearings and they will give you a sustainable and smooth ride. The bearings are skate-rated so they can make a great performer.

  • It comes with instructions on how to put the bearings together
  • They are made of ceramic, which is sturdy and lightweight
  • They are long-lasting
  • The design is of Swiss and it is unique.
  • Comes with a cream lubricant
  • Some people find it to be very expensive


1). Fireball Dragon Precision Bearings

Another reliable product is the Fireball Dragon Precision Bearings. The most impressive features of these bearings is the fact that they are made for those who want to boost their longboard performance. It is super fast and it promises to provide good tolerance. Also, the fact that the bearings are applied with a light oil will impress you. This will help boost the speed of the bearings significantly.

The grease applied to other parts of the bearings is also heavier a bit which improves the durability and longevity of the bearings. Another feature that leaves a good impression among longboarders is the fact that two shields are built in. These shields are on both sides of the bearings. This is to protect the bearings from the harsh particles. This means they are going to last. The bearings also perform well in terms of riding downhill as well as handling the pressures associated with horizontal sliding.

The preciseness of these bearings is also unquestionable. They are made with impressive precision, which means that speed is the main feature they are crafted to deliver. They are very useful in almost all types of applications. Aside from its compatibility with longboard and skateboards, the bearings also work very well with roller blades, scooters, penny board, spinners, and roller skates. They also come with fully removable shields and cages.

  • Uses special lubricant and high quality to boost the speed of the bearings.
  • Also has two shields on both sides to protect the bearings from particles.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Built to handle downhill riding.
  • Compatible with almost all applications.
  • They tend to be slow during few uses when starting out but they just need a while to break in

2). Oldboy Premium Ceramic Bearings

If you are interested in the best ceramic longboard bearings that is super fast, then this bearings from Oldboy is definitely the best for you. One good thing about these set of ceramic longboard bearings is that they are heavy lubricated. This is actually a benefit as it makes them capable to resist drag. You will definitely deliver a good performance once you are able to break them in.

The super hard ceramic balls are pre-lubricated and are also designed in a way that minimizes friction while also preventing wear and tear during high speeds. It is a versatile and speedy set of bearings which are also compatible with long-distance cruising, slalom skating, and downhill riding. The material used in making the bearings are beneficial as they can not rust. You are also assured that dirt does not cratch them easily. With that, you are guaranteed that dirt or rust will not damage your bearings.

Another thing these bearings guarantee is their performance ability, like a professional. They will give you a real professional ride no matter how fast and hard you ride. The lube protection used to lubricate these longboard bearings also ensure they don’t experience tear and wear too fast. This level of protection also can help in resisting potential damage which is caused by water and it also prevents the bearing cage from getting cracked.

  • Able to resist drag, in turn ensuring a smooth ride
  • Pre-lubricated balls minimize friction and also prevent tear and wear
  • They are versatile and speedy, making it capable of various applications and rides
  • Dirt and rust don’t damage the bearings
  • The nylon bearing cage is long-lasting
  • Require enough time to break in

3). Bones Super Swiss 6 Skate Bearings

Bones Super Swiss 6 Skate Bearings are among your best options if you are looking for highly effective and fully functional bearings that you can use on lots of applications. The balls used in Bones Super Swiss bearings are larger, they are able to roll for some time while going a distance. The good thing about having bigger wheels is that they can also minimize the friction and still deliver a high speed.

These longboard bearings also showcase a unique and special design as well as quality materials. The combination of these qualities is one of the reasons behind its fast rolling ability and acceleration. The bearings are known to resist the impact skate trick landings has on longboard bearings. One of the things lot of users love about these longboard bearings is their non-contact and removable rubber shield. This shield also works in minimizing friction and promoting ease of cleaning.

The bearings use a Bones speed cream for pre-lubrication. This means that it is possible that you will enjoy high-level speed as soon the bearings get to you. The strength and speed of the bearings can be attributed to the ball retainer which is constructed from high-speed nylon material. The bearings are skate-rated, this means that they are able to tolerate the majority of harsh particles a user might expose them to.

  • It reduces the risk of friction
  • Features a unique and special design which promotes a quick rolling ability and acceleration
  • It resists landing impacts
  • It comes lubricated with speed cream
  • They have tolerance for harsh things
  • More expensive than other longboard bearings


1). Zealous Steel Bearings

The Zealous Steel Bearings are also in the market to cater for those on the lookout for a product that is designed to work for longboards and maybe skateboards as well. They are constructed from steel and some green rubber material which are used to make the outer and inner seals. This rubber seal works in ensuring that dirt, hane, and debris stay out of the bearings. They are pre-lubricated with a long-lasting grease.

It uses the grease designed to reduce friction while it also minimizes corrosion build up on the interiors. The bearings also deliver fantastic lower friction, which helps to bring their speed to a higher level. One more valuable fact is the fact that they have spacers and speed rings already built in. This means they can provide really good value for the money you spent.

The spacers and speed rings prevent pthe loss of small parts when you change the wheels or bearings. The built-in precision axles which are integrated into the bearings are also for fitting longboarding trucks. With that, you are assure that they will deliver a fast and smooth ride.

  • Comes with a sturdy and strong steel material
  • The outer and inner seals can prevent dirt, thane and debris from penetrating
  • Little friction and capability to resist corrosion
  • Can fit skateboard and longboard trucks well
  • It resist lower washout of water
  • Produces some disturbing rattling sounds

2). Bones Bearings Super Reds

Bones Bearings Super Reds are among the top choices, especially if you are looking for top longboards bearings. It combines the qualities required for superiorly performing and best bearings, including superior surface finish, better-grade balls and high quality steel races. It iis not surprising why they are fast, smooth, quiet and long lasting.

One of the benefits you can expect to enjoy is the fact that they have a low amount of friction. This is because of the removable, single, and non-contact shield made of rubber which is integrated into the bearings. You are also assured of the strength and speed of these bearings. The built-in retainer which is constructed from a high-speed nylon is responsible for the ultra-fast speed. The good about these bearings is that they deliver a quality and excellent performance for a low price.

When you buy these longboard bearings, the first thing you will notice is the fact they are pre-lubricated. In addition to this, they provide a speed cream already for you, which you can use on your bearings at your convenience. Aside from the efficient and smooth ride, these bearings are going to give you, they can also give a lot of momentum no matter where you decide to go downhill or up. The bearings will not easily wear out because they are long-lasting.

  • Guarantees a smooth, fast and long-lasting performance
  • Comes with a low amount of friction
  • Maintainance is easy
  • The price is considerable low despite the excellent performance and quality
  • They are long-lasting
  • It takes a lot of time to clean

3). Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings

If you are on the look out for longboard bearings that perform very well in the market, then you need to buy Bones Ceramic Reds bearinhs. The good aspect of these bearings is that they are easier to manage because of their lightness. Despite this, they still provide a speedy acceleration. This is because of the built-in balls weigh lesser than the others.

Another fact that might impress you about the Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings is that they create minimal friction. They also ride faster and it doesn’t matter if you use lubricant or not. You will also feel satisfied with the material made of ceramic which is used in the balls of the bearings. Ceramic balls are harder than steel and this is why the balls recover after using the bearings on their own with any need to maintain them.

In addition to this, the material is less likely to rust, which in turn will make it last longer. Another benefit these bearings provide is the waterproof ability even in wet and harsh conditions, it will still perform well. This means it is one of the best longboard bearings during raining days. They make use of a rubber shield which is removable is one of the strongest points the bearings have as this means you can maintain low friction and still be able to clean them. A high speed ball retainer is included to promote strenght and speed.

  • Maintainance is easy and they are lightweight
  • Speedy acceleration and low friction
  • They are made of ceramic
  • They are one of the best longboard bearings in the world
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Require a lot of time to break in

Generally, the best bearings for longboard should either be made of steel or ceramic.


Steel bearings are popular because of it’s economic and durability reasons. Regular lubrication and cleaning will help in prolonging the life of steel bearings.


Longboard bearings made of ceramic are a product of compound called silicon nitride. They are smoother and harder compared to steel. Ceramic bearings require lubrication and heat does not affect them, thereby maintaining optimum performance.

Therefore, when getting bearings for your longboard make sure you get the best one.


I hope you liked this detailed guide on Best Longboard Bearings of 2020. If you still have any doubts feel free to leave a comment down below and let us know. Thanks for taking the time and reading the article.

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