Check Out These Top Rated Best Bariatric Rollators 2019

There is no doubt that rollators are excellent mobility equipment to those who cannot walk far and always need something to depend on.

A Rollator helps them to put their weight on the mobility device, so they can travel pretty easily. And in case if you are too looking for the best bariatric rollator, then you can follow this guide.

As there are quite a lot of options are available for Bariatric Rollator. Hence, choosing the best one among them is quite tough. But to make it easy for you we have handpicked a couple of heavy duty bariatric rollators for you.

But first, let’s just talk about Bariatric Rollator. So you can get to know more about it and pick the right one for your needs.

What is Bariatric Rollator?

Bariatric Rollators are also known as heavy duty rollators, that helps the users with heavy weight. These are wider in length and can support up to 500 pounds as compared to traditional rollator.

Bariatric rollators are best for larger users and you can check the best bariatric rollators below.

Types of Bariatric Rollator?

There are mainly 2 types of bariatric rollator which are 3 wheeled and 4 wheeled. But these days one more type is in the market which is rollator cum transport chair which works as a wheelchair and someone can push you from behind and you can enjoy the ride.

Check out about the types below:-

3 Wheel Rollator

This kind of rollator comes with one wheel in the front. And the other two wheels are placed in the back. This kind of three wheel rollators is often preferred for indoor use.

As the wheels allow you to move in tight space. Plus, they are lighter, which makes them a great option for traveling.

4 Wheel Rollator

Next, there is the 4 wheel rollator. This kind of rollators have two swivel wheels in the front side, and another two wheels are placed in the back.

This kind of rollators offers reliable support. And a pretty perfect option for those who need stability. Even some 4 wheel rollators are equipped with seats as and storage basket or pouch.

Rollator/Transport Chair

In the end, there is the Rollator/Transport Chair. This kind of rollators is a perfect solution for those who want to enjoy their independence.

It is basically a lightweight walker and wheelchair combo that allows you to walk. As well as you can sit on it and ask someone to push the chair for you.

Benefits of using Bariatric Rollator?

There are lots of benefits of a bariatric rollator, which you are gonna like for sure.

Like you can sit on it, carry your stuff in the storage bag and few more.

A Great Equipment For Outdoor

There is this misconception that many people has, that Bariatric Rollator is only good for indoor operations.

However, it is not true, you can use it both indoor and outdoor. So no matter when you need it, it will help you out.

You Can Sit On It

Rollators not only help you walk, But also you can sit on them. So while walking if you feel tired, you can sit on them.

Even they are a pretty great option for public venues like shopping centers, park. Even some Bariatric Rollator also lets others push you while you sit.

They Are Height Adjustable

One of the best benefits of using a Bariatric Rollator is that they are height adjustable. As a result, you will be able to adjust the height of your rollator according to your height.

No matter if you are tall or somewhere in between. You can adjust the height according to your comfort level.

Easily Transportable

Another great part of the rollators is that they are easily transportable. You can easily fold them and minimize the size of it.

So you can easily fit the rollator in your car. However, they are not lightweight. But made of heavy duty materials.

How To Choose a Best Bariatric Rollator?

Selecting any new thing is hard when you want it for long term and specially when it comes to choose products related to health, you need to be extra careful.

While selecting a bariatric rollator it is wise to use the help of a physiotherapist because he can suggest you better.

Still we are pointing out few facts that you can check before buying a heavy duty rollator:-

Weight Capacity

The first thing that you need to consider is what is weight of the person? When you look for the best rollator walker, it is extremely important for you to consider the weight capacity.

Because you do not want something which can’t even handle the weight of the person. So check for the weight capacity that the rollator can hold and it will never fail you.

Seat Width

Next thing that you need to consider is the width of the seat. While picking up a Bariatric Rollator, make sure that the person can sit on it comfortably.

Usually, the seat for rollators varies between 13 to 15 inches. As well as you better consider the size of the arm rests too.

Rollator Brakes

Make sure to pick a rollator that comes with good brakes. Because brakes are your pal out there, they are going to help you to control the rollator and stop it when you lose the balance or need to stop.

Locking Features

Apart from the hand brakes, a locking feature is also extremely important. The locking features free you from continually maintaining the grip on the breaks. By having this feature, you can lock down the rollators brake to the one position.

Locking feature also helps you to when you want to sit on the rollator seat. It is wise to lock the brakes so the rollator don’t move while you sit on it. Check here how you can sit on a rollator walker.


Next thing that you need to consider is the height of the person who will be using the Bariatric Rollator walker. In most of the cases, rollators come with adjustable height feature which is an extremely important feature.

This allows you to adjust the height of the rollator according to your needs. So you can get better comfort. Plus, you do not have to worry about picking up the wrong Bariatric Rollator walker.


You also need to pay attention to the wheels. Make sure the wheels are wide enough so you can move it easily.

Also, the best part of larger wheels is that it allows you to have a perfect grip over rough and uneven ground. Along with that, make sure to get sturdy wheels. So you do not have to change the wheels too often.

Bariatric Rollator comes in two wheels option, which is 3 and 4. The thing about 3 wheeler Bariatric Rollator is that they are lightweight, easy to pack for storage. But they do not offer you stability.

On the other hand, if you want stability, then 4 wheeler Bariatric Rollator is the best option for you.

Handle height

In the end, you have to consider the handle height. Make sure that the handle height will adjust to suit your comfort requirements. And in case if the person is very tall, you need to pay special attention towards it. Make sure that the person is not bending while using the rollator bend because it is not a healthy practice to do. As well as a shorter person should easily reach the handles.


So these are some of the things that you need to keep in your mind while choosing a Bariatric Rollator. However, selecting a walker keeping all these points in mind can be a hard task.

But don’t worry we have picked some of the top rated best bariatric rollators for you check them below.

Top Rated Best Bariatric Rollators

NOVA Mighty Mack Heavy Duty Rollator Walker

NOVA Mighty Mack Heavy Duty Rollator Walker 500 lb Weight Capacity, Blue

First of all, there is the NOVA Mighty Mack Heavy Duty Rollator Walker. It is one of the best Bariatric Rollator that you can find out there. Plus, the best part is that it comes with a bunch of features along with a reasonable pricing.

Talking about the rollator, it is a heavy duty indoor/outdoor Rolling Walker built for strength and durability with 500 pound weight capacity.

Along with that, it comes with a large seat pad and has a carry handle. As well as there is the removable padded backrest and removable front basket.

It also comes with a sleek and sporty design with a beautiful, long lasting metallic paint finish. Plus, it comes fully assembled. So you do not have to assemble it by yourself.

There is also 8″ rubber wheels and they are super durable for both indoor and outdoor use.  Plus it comes with NOVA’s patented feather touch hand brakes which are uniquely designed for maximum comfort and control.

You also gets a removable front basket with handle stores and carries personal belongings. Basket Dimensions is 17.25″W x 10″L x 6.5″D.


  • 500 pound weight capacity.
  • Removable padded backrest.
  • NOVA’s patented feather touch hand brakes.
  • Comes assembled.


  • A bit heavy.
  • Not recommended for short people.

Medline Heavy Duty Bariatric Aluminum Mobility Rollator Walker

Medline Heavy Duty Bariatric Aluminum Mobility Rollator Walker with 8 Inch Wheels, 400 lbs Capacity

Next, there is the Medline Heavy Duty Bariatric Aluminum Mobility Rollator. This one comes with a super sturdy aluminum frame, and it weighs about 19 lbs.

As well as it can support weight up to 400 lbs. The rotator is reinforced with a durable design to support higher weight capacities.

Along with the rotator, you are also getting a convenient removable basket which can fit under the seat. Or in the basket.

It also comes with a deluxe padded back and padded seat that offer users the ability to sit and rest if they become tired.

Along with that, it comes with an extra wide seat measuring about 17.5 inches x 14 inches. As well as it has loop style brakes you push down to lock and pull up to release.

Moreover, the walker is also easily foldable for storage and transportation. Plus it comes with large 8″ wheels with reinforced forks and spokes allows wheels to easily roll on all surfaces.


  • Can support weight up to 400 lbs.
  • Loop style brakes.
  • Weighs only 19 lbs.


  • Might not fit in all the cars.
  • Wheels are not that much durable.

Medline Heavy Duty Rollator Walker with Seat

Medline Heavy Duty Rollator Walker with Seat, Bariatric Rolling Walker Supports up to 500 lbs, Large 8-inch Wheels, Burgundy

Here we got the second Medline rollator walker which is comes with little bit more weight capacity and this Heavy Duty Rollator Walker comes with a heavy duty steel frame. Plus, it features a strong, reinforced steel frame and can support weight up to 500 lbs.

Along with that, it comes with large 8 inch wheels. This easy to foldable rollator walker allows you to carry the walker with you anywhere.

The wheels are pretty smooth and come with reinforced spokes for extra strength easily roll on all indoor surfaces and outdoor terrain.

The walker weighs about 25 lbs. Plus, it comes with a wide 17.5 inch x 14 inch padded seat with velcro pocket underneath.

What’s more? You are also getting adjustable handles. You can adjust the handle height between 31.5″ – 37.5″. This allows the users a more customized fit.


  • 500 lb Capacity with Extra Wide Seat.
  • Convenient Removable Storage Bag.
  • Easily foldable.


  • You have to assemble it by yourself.
  • Users have complained that wheels have slipped off.

Days Heavy Duty Steel Bariatric Rollator

Days Heavy Duty Steel Bariatric Rollator, Adjustable Rolling Walker with Seat for Elderly, Disabled, Limited Mobility Patients, Walking Stabilizer with Four Wheels, 700 lb. Weight Capacity

If 500 lbs. weight capacity is still less for you than here we have the Days Heavy Duty Rollator which comes with the weight capacity of 700 lbs.

It also comes with a strong steel frame which allows you added support. Plus, it comes with a convenient storage basket.

Talking about the rollator, this one comes with four 8 inch wheels for helping patients and increase or maintain mobility. Also it’s lockable handle provides extra support when you want to sit or stand.

One more thing, you get the padded seat for comfort. The walker also comes with durable steel daily living aid which is adjustable between 34.5″ to 39″.

In addition to that, it has an overall size measurement of 30.5W” by 26″D, seat measures 14″ by 18.5″, has a width between the handles of 22″ and sits 21.5″ from the ground.

Overall, this is the Best Bariatric Rollator that you can consider.


  • Four 8 inch wheels.
  • Adjustable Daily Living Aid.
  • Affordable.


  • You have to assemble it by yourself.
  • A bit heavy.

Invacare Bariatric Rollator with Flip-up Padded Seat

Invacare Bariatric Rollator, with Flip-up Padded Seat, 500 lb. Weight Capacity, 66550

Invacare bariatric rollator walker is one another best rollater walker that helps you to stand on your feet on your own and you can go outside or wander inside your house.

As far as talking about the walker, well it comes with a flip-up, padded seat and removable backrest that provides a place to sit down when needed.

Plus, the seat gets out when you do not need out. Along with that, the walker features a strong reinforced steel frame. As a result, it can hold up to 500 lbs.

Moreover, it comes with easy to use handbrakes which offers stability and peace of mind. As well as it comes with 8” wheels for smooth mobility. Also, you can fold the walker for easy storage transportation.

So if you want to go outside but because of your heavy weight no walker can provide you support you need, you can use this rollator.


  • Easy to use handbrakes.
  • Flip up padded seat.
  • Removal basket.


  • Not so durable.
  • Does not come pre-assembled.

Bariatric Rollator Walker Heavy Duty with Large Padded Seat

Bariatric Rollator Walker Heavy Duty with Large Padded Seat up to 400 Lb Capacity

Here we got Bariatric Rollator Walker Heavy Duty with Large Padded Seat which is gonna provide you extra comfort while you sit on the seat.

By using this bariatric rollator walker, you will be able to go around easily. Plus, it works extremely great on both indoors and outdoors, or on any surface.

You also get a dual hand loop lock brake and eight inch casters with soft grip tires. This allows you to walk freely and sit safely.

There is also an oversized padded seat which can easily handle up to 350 pounds of weight. And the best part is that there is also a removable padded backrest that provides additional comfort and support.

You can even customize the design of the handle according to your comfort. Simply use the self thread knob to adjust it.


  • 400 LB capacity.
  • Padded seat.
  • Cheap.


  • A bit heavy.

Final Words

Here we shared the list of the best top rated bariatric rollators that most of the people are already using. So go ahead and have a look at them and compare all the suggestions and then pick the right one for yourself.

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